New Cancer Treatment in Wasilla

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Surgery Isn’t the Only Option for Treating Your Skin Cancer
Image-Guided SRT is a surgery-free treatment for basal and squamous cell skin cancers.

What is Image-Guided SRT?
Image-Guided SRT (Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy) is a type of radiation used just for skin cancer. It kills skin cancer cells using low levels of X-ray energy. This energy is like what dentists use to X-ray teeth. It is given by a Radiation Therapist in a dermatologist’s office.

Image-Guided SRT is the first and only radiation treatment for skin cancer that uses ultrasound images. The ultrasound images let your dermatologist see the exact size of the cancer so he or she can target the area with the precise dose. These images also show the cancer shrinking and going away after each treatment.

How is Image-Guided SRT different from other radiation treatments?
Image-Guided SRT is a surgery-free treatment that is not the same as other radiation treatments. Learn how Image-Guided SRT is different not only from radiation used to treat other types of cancer, like breast and prostate cancer but also from other skin cancer radiation treatments.

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